WebToffee WooCommerce Gift Card Plugin – A full review

Gift cards are one of the prominent tools that gained popularity after the emergence of eCommerce. Everyone from individual users to businesses makes use of these WooCommerce gift vouchers to offer them as virtual gifts to their loved ones.

Even though this is a highly beneficial and extremely popular feature, WooCommerce does not offer a default setup for this. This means that you will have to count on a third party to come to your aid to set it up without writing any code.

Luckily there is an abundance of such plugins for WooCommerce in WordPress. Let’s take a deep look at the WooCommerce gift card plugin from WebToffee, a plugin that offers exactly what we need for setting up WooCommerce gift cards.

Are WooCommerce gift cards worth the hype?

Gift cards are usually vouchers or products that the users in your store can purchase. These cards can then be distributed to the required recipients so they can purchase whatever they need with this acquired credit.

Gift cards are also often used as store credits. That is, customers will purchase it for themselves and then redeem the card amount during their subsequent purchases.

These use cases by themselves make a good point about the popularity of gift cards. Also, keep in mind that gift cards are highly user-friendly. That is, you can complete purchases by just entering the gift card code at checkout. There is no need for payment or other hassles that come together with payment.

Moreover, several businesses rely on gift cards to reward their employees or customers. Most often businesses use gift cards as a medium of appreciation. For example, to encourage employees to complete a job, seek reviews from customers, etc.

Now let’s have a thorough look at the WebToffee gift cards plugin for WooCommerce to understand it better.

WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin from WebToffee – An overview

The Gift cards for WooCommerce plugin from WebToffee is one of the top contenders in the WooCommerce gift card niche. The plugin is feature rich and very user-friendly.

It is suitable for both WordPress developers setting up a WooCommerce store and for non-tech-savvy individuals. The plugin doesn’t require you to write even one single line of code.

You can use the plugin to create and send gift cards for individuals as well as create gift card products. These gift card products can then be put up as products in the store which your customers can purchase for themselves.

The WooCommerce gift cards purchased this way can be gifted to the required recipients. The plugin enables you to email these cards to the recipient’s email addresses directly at the scheduled time, or the customer can print the card and then send them out.

In addition to this, the plugin offers several customizations that enable you to completely control the look and functionality of the gift cards. Moreover, the plugin dashboard contains all data regarding the store credits of all your customers. You can analyze, add or even remove the credits of users manually from this tab.

Apart from all these, the plugin facilitates several other features that a WooCommerce store owner often requires. This makes this plugin the perfect tool for setting up WooCommerce gift cards.

Key features

Now let’s look at some of the core features of this WooCommerce plugin.

Gift card products

You can create gift card products and display these as normal purchasable products in your store. Customers can then purchase these products and then redeem them as credits to fund later purchases.

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Fixed and custom-priced products

The gift card products that you create in your store can be fixed or custom prices. A fixed-priced gift card is a product that has a preset price. The customer can only purchase it by paying this fixed amount. For example, a gift card worth $50 can only be purchased by paying $50.

A custom-priced gift card is a product whose maximum and minimum values will be preset and the customer can purchase it for the amount (lying inside the set limit) that they require. For example, a customer can purchase a gift card for $318 if they choose to.

Admin dashboard to view and edit credits

Analyzing and managing store credits would be highly difficult once you start offering gift cards. This is because the card amount can be redeemed as store credits and then used as purchase points instead of using the gift card as a coupon.

This admin dashboard enables you to see and analyze the store credits currently owned by every user in your store. The dashboard also enables you to manually add or remove the credits of users from the same location.

Customers can email and print gift cards

The gift card products after purchase can be either printed from the store or the store will directly email them to the specified recipients immediately or at the specified time.

The customer will have to choose how they want this gift card while making the purchase.

Generate gift cards based on order status

You can specify the order status that the gift card order should attain so that the plugin would automatically generate the card. By default, the gift card can only be accessed if the gift card purchase gets completed (order status turns to ‘Completed’).

Pre-set gift card templates

The plugin houses over 20+ different gift card templates. You can either select the template for the product yourselves, or you can enable your customers to select the appropriate one. Moreover, the templates are arranged categorically. The available categories include ‘General, ‘Birthday’, ‘New Year’, ‘Anniversary’, and ‘Chrismas’.

In addition to this, you may also add custom gift card templates to the mix with a template upload option.

Gift card usage restrictions

Several restrictions such as allowed products and categories, the minimum allowed spend, etc., can be specified while setting up gift cards.

The particular gift card credits could only be redeemed during purchase if the cart satisfies these specified criteria.

Gift card tax settings

By default, WooCommerce will deduct the gift card credit from the order total before calculating the tax for the cart. However, you may calculate the tax for the whole order total before deducting the card credit with the WebToffee WooCommerce gift card tax settings.

Support refund to store credits

The admin can refund the product prices as store credits that customers can use in their next purchases. This is a highly useful refund technique in addition to refunding through the original payment method.

Admin can directly create and email gift cards to users

In addition to creating gift card products, you may directly configure user-specific gift cards and then email them directly to those users with this plugin. This is a highly useful tool if you are looking for a technique to reward your most loyal customers.

Set expiry for gift cards

You can create short-lived gift cards with expiry dates. This would encourage customers to purchase products even if it is not an immediate requirement. Such faster purchases could improve your sales.

Enable customers to schedule gift cards

Customers can purchase gift cards and then schedule sending the gift card email to a later time. For example, a customer can purchase a gift card for their friend three days before their birthday and then schedule the card to be sent out three days later.

Limit gift cards to be used with other coupons

You may disable the use of gift cards when other coupons are applied to the cart globally with this option.

Restrict using store credits to purchase gift cards

If you do not want users to purchase gift card products with the store credits they acquired, you may disable that with this WebToffee plugin.

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The WooCommerce gift cards plugin is designed in such a way that even the most inexperienced user can get the hang of it in just a few minutes.

One of the key advantages that we identified of the plugin is it offers you every meaningful feature that you require for setting up gift cards. Also, the features are arranged in such a way that you will find no difficulty in locating the customizations you want.

The plugin is also lightweight and creates no disturbances in the smooth functioning of your WooCommerce store.

User interface

The plugin developers have taken great care to optimize the setup screens for better understanding and performance. All the tabs and sub-tabs are systematically placed in the locations that we anticipate.

Even though the plugin offers a significantly high number of features, the plugin interface is not as cluttered as some of the other vendors in the same arena.

Nevertheless, you should note that the plugin follows the look of the basic WooCommerce plugin and therefore you would not be fully satisfied if you are looking for an interface extremely different from that of WooCommerce.

But since this interface is familiar to WooCommerce store owners and admins who have been using this eCommerce platform for some time, most users would be comfortable with the plugin’s UI.


To put it plainly, the plugin price is lower than that of most of its competitors. It is highly economical and offers you all the features you want to single-handedly set up a gift voucher system in your store.

The plugin is available in three pricing plans. Note that there is no difference in the available features of the plugin in the three plans. The only difference is in the number of licenses that you will receive upon purchasing the plugin.

For a single site license of the plugin, you will have to pay a recurring sum of $99 per year. The 5-site license of the plugin is priced at $199 and the 25-site license can be purchased for $399 per annum.

This subscription plan renews yearly and you will also get 1 year of technical support and frequent updates with it. The developers also offer a 30-day no-risk money-back guarantee which you can avail of after purchase.


WebToffee, the developer of this WooCommerce gift card plugin, is renowned for its technical assistance. They usually get a 98 to 99% satisfaction rating from their customers which is a great identifier of their support quality.

You can contact their support for pre-sales queries as well as technical assistance. You should follow the process of creating a support ticket on their support page to register your concern. They guarantee a 24 to 48-hour first response and a subsequent fast issue resolution.

In addition to contacting support, you may also check out their detailed documentation and FAQs in case you encounter any issues. They also have an active and comprehensive blogging platform that offers blogs on several use cases and other advanced functionalities of the plugin.

Pros & Cons

Let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of this WebToffee WooCommerce Gift Card plugin for your store.


  • Houses all core features that users commonly ask for
  • Easy interface and usability
  • Fast and reliable support
  • Additional resources to help you with plugin setup
  • Affordable pricing
  • Compatible with the basic WooCommerce and other coupon plugins


  • Lack of live chat and phone support
  • Does not offer a free variation of the plugin in WordPress

Is the WebToffee WooCommerce gift cards plugin beneficial?

Our final verdict is yes, it is highly beneficial and is one of the best in the WooCommerce gift card market. Of course, when you look at the sheer number of features the plugin offers, you might be able to see others topping the charts. However, if you are looking for a meaningful solution with the most required features and customizations, you may not have to look any further than this WebToffee plugin.

The WebToffee WooCommerce gift card plugin is a reliable and feature-rich solution for any online store looking to implement a gift card system. Its user-friendly interface and flexibility in customization make it easy to configure and use.

Moreover, the availability of extensive documentation, support, and regular updates further strengthens the plugin’s reliability. Overall, the WebToffee WooCommerce gift card plugin is a powerful tool for boosting sales and customer engagement, making it a highly recommended plugin for any online store owner.

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