The Right Quotation Software for Every Business

The Right Quotation Software for Every Business

Regardless of the industry that you work in, getting accurate and professional quotes is imperative for your continued success. Customers want to use the services of businesses that are transparent and honest, and precise quotations are a large part of the process.

Sales are the driver for every type of business, and in general, the process for all types of business purchases are similar. Whether you use an online model or rely on sales agents in the field, it’s essential to have the support of high-quality quotation software, such as Quikflw.

Here’s a closer look at what the right quotation software could do for your business.

Sharing information in the team

If you operate in an industry where a single person manages the whole process from beginning to end, the need to share information may not be seen as a priority. But what about if they fall ill or have some other kind of sudden absence? Could you easily access the information required to ensure the sale isn’t lost?

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Whether you work in a business where multiple team members need to access the same information, or you’re simply keen to ensure that data is available when needed, a quotation toolcan help.

Using cloud-based technology means that not only can sales agents access previous quotations while out in the field, they’re also available to other members of the team. If there’s an unexpected absence, all the details can be easily retrieved by an authorised individual within the business.

This ensures that the end-to-end process is managed efficiently and seamlessly, allowing the client to enjoy the same high-quality service whoever they speak to.

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Working online?

If your business is based online, the quotation software known as Quikflw is perfect for your needs. Customers want instant information and if your website isn’t set up to provide it, they’ll go to someone else that will.

Every industry is under siege from the current culture of demand, and few customers are willing to wait the extra time while you prepare a manual quotation and send it out. If they’re looking to procure services or make a sale right now, if you can’t provide an immediate cost you’re going to lose out to your competitor.

Quikflw and similar software tools can slot right into your website, allowing customers to receive quotes in real time. It also populates your CRM data so you can still track the quote as part of your pipeline.

The software is flexible enough to accept different prices and rates, such as hourly, weekly, monthly or yearly. This leaves you in control at all times while still enjoying the efficiency of an automated system.

Make stock control simple

A quotation system is often viewed as a useful tool to manage pipeline, track conversions and get sales data but it can also offer much more.

Keeping an up-to-date list of stock and an accurate inventory can be made much easier with Quikflw, or other software packages. Using purchase orders you can easily book stock in and out, as well as keeping track of items which are running low. You’ll never have to delay an order again due to low stock levels as the system allows you to manage your inventory proactively.

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Find out more

You can find out more about how Quikflw could benefit your business by visiting the website at Book a demo or a free trial to find out for yourself how the quotation software package could revolutionise the way your business works.

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