Scooter Rental Software: What Functions It Should Have and How Much Does It Cost


Scooter rental is among the most popular businesses today. It provides customers with quick access to electric scooters when they need to get somewhere or just get some fun from riding an e-scooter. For business owners, the electric scooter business is also profitable as it needs just a few things for a successful start. The most important of these things are, no need to say, having a reliable scooter fleet and scooter rental software to manage processes and having quick communication with clients who need scooter rental services. The last option is up to us to consider today.

What is the essence of scooter rental software from the point of view of a customer? It is an application that each client can use to rent a scooter with ease. This application in basics should have the following properties:

  • A GPS tracker that allows a customer to find where the nearest vehicle is standing. This also allows a customer to get information about the permitted area of use of the scooter.
  • QR code scanner as there is no faster way to unlock the scooter than to use QR codes for this.
  • Smart lock that works, on the contrary, as the blocker of the scooter when the rental time is out.
  • Payment system to pay for the rent from the smartphone. The more alternative payment systems your scooter rental software has, the better it is for your customers.
  • Feedback option as the communication with the client is a must for a business owner today.
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Besides, you can add to the list some more functions of your choice to make the application unique and user-friendly.

  • What Is Necessary for Managers in Scooter Rental Software

As for the business owner’s side, there is a need for a reliable CRM to keep the business managed tip-top. This CRM should allow a manager to get access to the following features:


  • Secure payments via payment systems integrated into the software.
  • Fleet tracking to maintain all the scooters in order and get them intact and safe.
  • A reliable API to maintain all the CRM and provide its impeccable work.
  • Reporting features to get results of the business calculated and analyzed.

These features form the core of each scooter rental app. Besides, there can be other options a business owner may need in it. All this should be discussed when applying for scooter rental software development services.

  • Franchise or Custom Development: What to Choose

There are several types of software you can get to start your scooter rental business:

  • On-shelve solution.
  • Custom development of an app.
  • E-scooter app franchise.

The first one is not the best way to your start as it provides only basic options and often, does not maintain even the simplest functions. So, it is better to regard custom development and franchise apps when you want to start an e-scooter rental business successfully.

  • Benefits of a Custom App
  • Custom development provides you with the tailored result.
  • It offers a wide range of technologies and methods to choose from.
  • Your software will be no doubt unique and fully meet your requirements.

There are some drawbacks to consider as well. It takes a long to develop a custom scooter rental software from scratch. Besides, the cost of custom development is high. For e-scooter business, it can reach $35,000-40,000.

  • Benefits of a Franchise

The franchise is the use of already developed scooter rental software that will be customized and adjusted for your business. You take the solution and pay it a lower fee with further monthly payments for its use.

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The benefits are as follows:

  • You can get a ready-made solution within 2 months.
  • Starter’s payments are lower than development costs several times.
  • The monthly fee depends on the number of scooters you operate. On average, it is $5 per vehicle.
  • Electric scooter franchise doesn’t mean you get a unified app that will be fully the same as your competitors’. It is customized for your goals.
  • Conclusions

Your scooter rental software is the magic key to success when it maintains all the basic functions you need in your work. It should suit both customers’ needs in the fast and safe rental of a scooter and your needs as an owner (that is a full-fledged CRM). In case you have a big budget and time to wait until your custom scooter rental app will be done, it is a good idea to get a custom scooter rental app. It will be tailored for your needs and ideas perfectly. But more often, scooter rental company owners want to launch the market ASAP. Besides, it is about the total cost of an app to make the right decision. In terms of limited budget and a need for the fastest start, a franchise will be the one and only solution for you.

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