Sharepoint Roles And Responsibilities

Support and management of enterprises’ use of SharePoint is the responsibility of Sharepoint Administrators. Site setup, deployment of bespoke features, monitoring of the bandwidth, management of space, and maintenance of backups are all part of their remit as accounts and site managers. Server performance, patch installation, distant access functionality, and data security are all aspects of service administration that they oversee. They oversee the training procedures for employees, which include things like new feature upgrades and orientations, as well as the creation of training materials as well as the scheduling of one-on-one sessions to address questions. From minor concerns, like modifying settings, to major ones, needing collaboration with a Sharepoint developer to adjust platform modifications, administrators offer troubleshooting assistance. 

Table of Contents

  • Sharepoint Roles
  • Responsibilities of a Sharepoint Administrator
  • Knowledge and abilities needed to work as a SharePoint developer
  • The steps to excel as a SharePoint developer
  • Conclusion

Sharepoint Roles

The main role of SharePoint is to tailor the unique demands of a company. They execute a variety of strategic processes that help strengthen a company’s operational performance and company procedures.  In order to accomplish their job well, they engage in regular client interactions to learn about their goals and specifications.  

They are also responsible for making sure the website is up and working smoothly for users. We can go into the specifics of the SharePoint developers’ jobs now:

  • Personalised improvements

As far as SharePoint developers are concerned, this is their top priority. Organisations rely on them to develop unique intranets, structures, designs, as well as features. SharePoint Online Training developers play an important role in this process. The following are examples of some of the items that they create:

  • Platforms for internal networks
  • Individualised platforms for things like help desk, management of documents, and learning management
  • Advanced capabilities like custom workflows and templates
  • Migration

Upgrading SharePoint systems to more recent and improved versions is another responsibility of SharePoint developers. While migrating, they make sure the system retains all of its customizations. 

  • Integration

Integrating with Microsoft products is how SharePoint works. Businesses can’t make full use of it unless they connect it to other business applications like CRM, ERP, etc. Implementing this integration is the responsibility of SharePoint experts. They connect SharePoint to business software, email, and other collaboration platforms. 

  • Establishing Recognition

As a company’s logos and concepts are important to its identity, SharePoint developers make sure SharePoint reflects that. The goal is to foster a sense of belonging among users and improve their overall experience. Companies can have their logos and colour schemes incorporated into the system’s design.

  • Give training

Educating clients on how to maximise the platform’s potential is another responsibility of SharePoint architects.  They instruct users on the platform’s fundamental settings and assist users in swiftly adopting the system. 

  • Maintenance 

After creating and deploying a SharePoint solution, developers still have more work to accomplish. They are also responsible for keeping the solution up and running smoothly. In addition to fixing technical problems, they create fresh functions when the customer asks for them. 

Responsibilities of a Sharepoint Administrator

Actual resume samples for the position of SharePoint administrator include the following duties:

  • Enhances safety by researching, installing, and managing a CCTV system that uses IP cameras.
  • Use the company’s VMWare infrastructure to manage and upkeep test and development setups. 
  • Establish and oversee a well-developed backup plan for mission-critical applications at the bank to ensure recovery meets service level agreement standards.
  • Set up and oversee the operation of service applications like search, user profiles, metadata management, as well as business data connectivity services, among others.
  • Support intranet as well as cooperation activities by managing sites with numerous user departments and applying principles and practises unique to SharePoint.
  • Worked using CSS, XML, as well as HTML to build a centralised intranet website for company users.
  • Adapted websites using HTML as well as CSS to meet specific client needs.
  • Make CSOM and JSOM web components for Office 365.
  • Convert an internal news site to use Drupal instead of ColdFusion.
  • Create UNIX shell commands to automate out-of-the-box tests on the WebLogic platform.
  • For any problems with the SCCM server or client workstations or SCCM client connectivity, there is one person to contact.
  • Create a fresh look for their SharePoint site by adjusting the style sheet.
  • Create Nintex-based SharePoint forms to collect facility data for PCMS upload. 
  • Put your JavaScript validation skills to use protecting your website’s features and forms.
  • Make unique rules for client-specific reporting, supplies, identification, and password management.

Knowledge and abilities needed to work as a SharePoint developer

A combination of strong technical and interpersonal abilities is necessary for effectiveness as a SharePoint developer. We can go into depth about them. 

These are the technical abilities that SharePoint programmers must possess. 

Microsoft SharePoint

The first as well as foremost ability is SharePoint. To be effective as a SharePoint developer, you need to be familiar with SharePoint’s special abilities and devices, even if you’re a great.NET developer. You need to be proficient in using SharePoint Ribbon, Master Pages, Web Parts, and other similar tools. Additionally, you ought to be well-versed in PowerShell, Visio, InfoPath, as well as SharePoint Designer. 


Due to the prevalence of C# In SharePoint documentation, developers with exceptional command of the language are additionally highly desirable. To create top-notch SharePoint applications, you need outstanding C# understanding.


Knowing SharePoint without being familiar with.NET is similarly useless as knowing.NET without understanding SharePoint. .NET is a must-have for any SharePoint solution development. It serves as the backbone of SharePoint custom development projects.

Java Language

Being an excellent SharePoint developer also requires knowledge of JavaScript. JavaScript is useful for making changes and running scripts. When developing checklist apps, validating big data etc. It can also be helpful. 


A SharePoint developer is unable to create web apps with interactive components unless they are well-versed in CSS as well as HTML. These languages are crucial for making a beautiful website that has a big impact on how users feel when using it.

Testability and debug ability

Any company would benefit greatly from hiring a SharePoint developer who is also very good at testing as well as debugging. Organisations can benefit from time and resource savings when employees are knowledgeable with unit testing, alpha and beta testing, tracking procedures, etc. Helping to prevent data breaches is something the developer may accomplish for the system. 

Databases and knowledge of documentation

Because SharePoint stores all application-related data in databases, developers working with the platform should have a basic understanding of databases. Data as well as file storage best practises should also be familiar to them. If they had this, they could go to any file in their future with ease. 

Developers for SharePoint need technical know-how, but they also need soft abilities to succeed in the field. Here are a few examples of what these abilities can do:

Interpersonal and communicative competence 

The number of persons with whom SharePoint programmers must communicate varies greatly from one project to another. Collaborating with other teams is something they frequently face. Thus, they must possess outstanding verbal and written communication abilities. They need to be ready to listen to customer input and explain complex concepts in terms that clients can understand. Their capacity to articulate complex ideas in simple terms is essential.

Skills of collaboration

The foundation of SharePoint development is teamwork. If a SharePoint designer is able to work well with others, they can become invaluable to their team. It is due to the fact that they are able to work and assist their coworkers at any time. They may additionally serve as a liaison between the customer as well as the staff.


Developers working with SharePoint must possess patience. Building a web application from the ground up is what SharePoint development is all about. This means that there is a significant likelihood of making mistakes and having to start over multiple times. Maintaining motivation and perseverance in the face of setbacks is a must for SharePoint designers.  

The steps to excel as a SharePoint developer

Profitability is high in the SharePoint development industry. Additionally, employment prospects are bright for the years ahead. To learn how to create for SharePoint, just follow these instructions.

Knowledge acquisition

Acquiring the appropriate knowledge is the initial stage. An undergraduate degree in computing, IT, or a closely related discipline is typically required of SharePoint developers. To further their careers, some people choose to get an advanced degree.  

Acquire competence

You are unable to become a SharePoint developer only by going to school. In addition, you need to possess the necessary abilities. Expertise with SharePoint, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, as well as Jquery is required. It is also important that you possess the essential soft skills. 

Complete work-study programmes

SharePoint developers usually learn their organization’s needs through training on the job.  They find out about the various preferences and requirements of their company and customers in these training sessions. 

Get your credentials

You can improve your employability, expertise, and understanding by earning relevant certificates. You can use them to make your resume more noticeable. There is a high concentration of SharePoint developers with MCTS as well as SharePoint 2010 credentials. 

Acquire knowledge of duties and functions

Becoming a SharePoint developer requires you to have a good understanding of the job’s duties. Designing solutions, teaching users, establishing metadata services, as well as many other duties are commonplace in SharePoint programmer job descriptions.  

Do proper training

The last thing to do is start seeking jobs and getting your résumé ready. To become a SharePoint creator, you might need to work your way up the ladder. Improving your skills as a NET developer or SharePoint administrator can open doors for you.


For SharePoint designers, credentials are a lifesaver. For potential employers, they provide evidence of your competence, knowledge, abilities, and strengths. Obtaining them is a fantastic method of staying up on current events. Among the most popular credentials earned by SharePoint developers are:

  • Building Solutions using Microsoft SharePoint 2016
  • Training on SharePoint Online and Advanced SharePoint Development (50064-C)
  • Advanced Competence in Windows Workflow Foundation Applications and the.NET Framework 3.5 (MCTS)
  • Validation for SharePoint 2010
  • Specialist in Microsoft Technology
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Certification and Professional Solutions for SharePoint 2013


For businesses, SharePoint is a lifesaver. Its importance will only grow in time to come. Opportunities for SharePoint developers to advance in their careers are practically limitless. There is a clear and straightforward way to become a SharePoint developer. One can rapidly achieve success as an engineer provided they possess the necessary knowledge, abilities, as well as zeal. 

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