5 Reasons to Do a Big Data Certification

5 Reasons to Do a Big Data Certification

In recent times our world is eventually getting flooded by huge volumes of data. Organizations are perplexed as data is daily consumed on an ongoing basis and how to utilize it in a productive manner comes a top concern. Considering the havoc that data has created, more companies are now making themselves a data-driven entity. Doing so provides information that is considered an asset to the organization today.

The level of unstructured data that companies are producing is proven as a challenge. It is still considered as a threat to such organizations since nearly 80% of these organizations are unprepared and have limited knowledge about it.

According to a recent study, 71% of the companies are still struggling with finding ways to manage unstructured data. However, with the emergence of technologies like big data analytics and NoSQL databases, managing unstructured data has become facile.

Why taking up a big data certification is the best career choice?

The demand for big data analytics skills is increasing at a rapid pace. Being certified with the latest skills and technologies are the best ways to stay relevant in the job market. Employers are recruiters’ intent is to hire professionals with big data skills today, keeping up with the latest trends is considered a successful pathway to one’s career success.

1. Increased demand for big data certified professionals

Top notch companies like IBM have started using big data analytics in their product development. Likewise, implementing big data analytics demonstrates meaning insights gained through big data. With more and more companies looking to invest in big data, it is evident that the demand for big data professionals will not cease to rise. Although the demand for big data skills is growing steadily, there is still a deficit for skilled professionals. Regardless of the skills, you might have acquired in institutions, it has become crucial for professionals to take up certifications in these technologies. Most individuals are moving towards re-skilling and upgrading their skills by taking up certification programs like big data certifications. Having working knowledge and practical skills are the various aspect that the employers will seek from a candidate.

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2. Huge job opportunities meeting the skill gap

Expert professionals with big data skills are earning lucrative wages as compared to other professionals without big data skills. Since there is a talent deficit organizations do not hesitate to offer a handsome amount to candidates having the required skill-set. Large organizations have already started investing in skilled talent, therefore, having in-depth knowledge and practical knowledge in big data is a win-win situation.

3. Lucrative salary prospects

As mentioned in the above statement, we are still in a phase where it is still a challenge for companies to recruit the right talent. Accordingly, they’re even willing to offer huge compensation and benefits to candidates who can handle the company’s data.

4. Big data: Sought after skill-set by most organizations

Data is everywhere. Be it IT firms, research centers, hospitals, marketing or sales big data has spread its wings and have crossed different domains. The advancement of this technology is not limited to IT firms, but it has already become a growing entity for most organizations today. The sole purpose of why big data is soaring.

5. Adoption for big data skills is increasing

Big data skills are rising, but the dearth of talent still prevails. In 2018, the U.S. confronted a shortage of around 190,000 data scientists and 1.5 million managers. Talking of skill shortage, big data and analytics skills are placed as number one that needs to be contained.

An expert professional with big data skill will find themselves demanding in the job market, also you’re now a vital asset to the organization.

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