How Can Show Product Video Instead of Images in WooCommerce

Looking to jazz up your online store? Want to present your products in an exciting way?

Well, buckle up! With a nifty tool called the “WooCommerce Product Video” plugin, you can swap those plain old images for snazzy videos.

Yep, you heard it right – videos that strut your stuff and make your products pop! No more snoozy product pages.

Get ready to learn to work this magic and give your customers a visual feast they will remember.

Let’s dive in and make those products dance on screen!

How to Setup Product Videos Using Plugin

To display product videos instead of images in WooCommerce, you can use a WooCommerce product video plugin. Here’s eight step guide on how to achieve this:

Step 1. Install & Activate

Setting product videos using the “WooCommerce Product Video” plugin is like adding a new superpower to your website.

As it’s a premium plugin, once you have it, make it a part of your WooCommerce site by clicking “Install Now,” followed by activation.

Now you’re all set to do some serious cool stuff with product videos!

Step 2. Upload Video

Uploading a video means adding a video from your computer to your website. Do you know how you add pictures to your website?

It’s like that but with videos. You choose the video you want to show off and put it on your product page.

It’s as easy as attaching a file to an email. Pick the video you’ve got; with a click or two, it’s there for everyone to see on your website.

Cool, right? Your video is ready to shine!

Step 3. Pick Video Spot

Picking a video spot is like deciding where to put your favorite sticker on your school notebook. You get to choose where your video shows up on your product page.

Imagine your product page is like a stage, and your video is the star – you decide if it stands in the center or hangs out on the side.

Some people like their videos right where the product picture usually is, while others like a whole section just for videos, like a special room.

You’re the boss here! You might want your video to be the main attraction, or you may want it to join a group of other pictures. It’s like arranging your room – you put things where they look best.

So, when picking the video spot, think about how your customers want to see it. You can change it later if your mind change.

It’s all about making your product page look awesome and showing off your video correctly!

Step 4. Video Settings

Video settings are like the volume and channel change buttons on your TV remote – they let you control how your video behaves on your website. Imagine you’re the director of a little movie, and these settings help you make it perfect.

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Autoplay is like pressing play automatically when someone visits the page, while loop makes the video repeatedly play.

You can also decide if your video should be big like a cinema screen or fit snugly like a phone screen. Plus, you can set whether your video is high quality or a bit lower, like choosing between HD and regular TV.

If you want your video to stand out with captions, you can add those too. These settings are like your video’s costume – you dress it up how you want.

So, remember to adjust these buttons to make your video shine and dance like a star on your website stage!

Step 5. Save Changes.

Saving changes is like holding onto your progress in a video game – you don’t want to lose anything cool you’ve done!

You need to save those changes when you’re making tweaks to your product video, like where it goes or how it plays.

It’s like taking a snapshot of how things should be.

So, after you’ve made all your choices, you hit the “save” button. It’s like clicking “okay” or “yes,” so your changes stay put. If you don’t save, it’s like turning off your computer without saving a school project – you might lose your work.

But with the save button, everything you’ve set up – where the video goes, how it acts, all those relaxed settings – they’ll be there, ready to go, every time someone visits your product page.

So, remember to save those changes and keep your excellent video setup safe and sound!

Step 6. Check the Magic.

After setting up your product video, it’s time to see how it looks on your product page.

So, you go to that product’s page on your website. It’s like opening a present to reveal the surprise inside. There, you’ll see your video doing its thing, whether it’s playing automatically or waiting for a click.

You’re making sure it’s shining bright, like a star on stage. Look out for any hiccups – if the video doesn’t show or it acts wonky, you might need to go back and fix things.

It’s like finding a smudge on your gift wrap and fixing it before showing it off. This step is your final check to ensure everything runs smoothly and your product video steals the show.

If it looks incredible, you’re all set to impress your visitors with an excellent video experience on your website!

Step 7. Repeat for More

“Repeat for more” is like making more yummy cookies from your favorite recipe – you do the same steps again for other products.

Once you’ve added a video to one product, you can do it for others too. It’s like using the same magical spell on different things.

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You go to the next product you want to jazz up and follow the same process: upload its special video, pick where it goes, set how it behaves, and save your changes.

You’re giving each product its chance to shine with a video. Think of it as decorating each cookie with colorful sprinkles – every product gets its unique touch.

You might have ten products or a hundred, but you repeat these steps for each one. It’s like having a recipe card – you follow the instructions for every batch of cookies you make.

So, if you’ve got more products to show off, “repeat for more” and give them all the video magic they deserve!

Step 8. Test, Test, Test

“Test, test, test” is about trying on new shoes to ensure they fit ideally – you want to ensure everything works just right.

After you’ve added videos to your products and set them up, it’s time to double-check. You visit your website on different devices, like your computer, phone, and tablet.

It’s like checking if your new toy works everywhere you play. Watch your videos play, see if they start when they should, and if they look clear. You’re ensuring your videos shine like stars regardless of how people view them.

If you find something off, like a video that doesn’t play or looks weird, you can fix it. It’s like adjusting your bike’s seat so it’s comfy. This step helps you catch any problems and ensure your visitors get the best experience.

Like trying on shoes before a long walk, testing your videos helps you put your best foot forward and ensure everything works perfectly!

Congratulation! You’re Done

You’ve added videos to your products and set them up. Your website is ready to show off cool videos to your visitors.

It’s like when you complete a puzzle and see the whole picture. Your hard work paid off!

Now, your product pages look excellent with videos instead of just pictures. Remember to keep an eye on things and make changes if needed.

But for now, give yourself a pat on the back – you did it!

Your products shine bright with videos, and your customers will love them. Great job!

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