How often should my baby be weighed?

As a baby is born, doctors directly take the weight, note down the time, and go for other health tests to ensure whether the baby is healthy or not. It is sure that babies are so sensitive and every single thing require consideration to avoid getting into an issue. Due to this reason, you should be looking after the baby’s weight, health, eating schedule, and a few other things to stay safe.

Most of the new parents have this question in mind that when their baby should be weighed and how often should they opt for a clinic for the same or do I need a baby weighing machine. Well, there is no perfect timing but there are some basic rules as per the baby growth so you can focus on them and know that when to get your baby weighed after giving birth. It will help to give peace of mind and feeling safe about the baby.

Just After Birth

After giving birth to the child, the nurse will automatically opt for weighing machine but there are many countries where it is not a priority. So, you should get your baby weighed after giving birth so that you can compare to the first stage. Always measure height and such other factors also to check growth. In case, you want to buy a baby weighing machine, always check baby weighing scale reviews to ensure the best one.

After Five Days

When the baby turns five days old, you should get your baby weighed because it is the perfect time as the baby is breastfed from the last couple of days. And, you can know about the growth from the birth time. It is not early and not very late because if there is an issue with growth then you can compare to the start.

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After Ten Days

The age of ten days is very small for sure but baby starts to open eyes, get used to the nearby smell, people and they know that how to ask for milk by crying. So, it is necessary that you check the baby’s weight and increase the diet if the weight is going down. Consultation to a doctor will help you ensure safety.

Quick Guide

To get your baby weighed perfectly and never facing any issue, you should follow the pattern –

    • Get the baby weighed after two weeks to six months, once after every month.
    • Go for weight check after every two months during six months to 12 months.

  • Once after every three months after one year of growth of the baby

These are some of the specific times when your baby should be weighed to ensure the good health of the baby.

Get Tension Free Now

After the first ten days, you should not care too much about this factor. Make sure that you do not worry until you find anything wrong with the health. There are many times when parents feel very tensed about the baby health and keep on getting the weigh checked but it is surely the poor choice to opt for.

Bottom Line

Keep in mind that you do not check the baby’s weight using at home baby weight scale until you are not sure about the user because you may end up taking the wrong measurements. So, always go for the clinic and ensure the best baby health.

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