Tips and Recommendations to Play Safe Online

Tips and Recommendations to Play Safe Online

Nowadays there are many types of online games. As we have explained on many occasions, the PC video game market is once again booming, and, in addition, companies like Microsoft are working to bring us the cross-game between PC and consoles, which will allow us to play with other people regardless of the platform they use to play. Also popular are online games from the browser that allow us to play simply with an Internet connection, without having to have, for example, very powerful hardware. Let’s play what we play, what we should never forget is to have some essential security measures that help us not to fall victim to hackers while we play.

In general, playing Not Doppler online from a video game console does not usually have more problems for our security than personal information we can provide ourselves to other people, for example, if we use a camera or open a chat to ask us for personal information such as bank details, practices towards which we must always distrust.

Playing online with a PC can be more dangerous. Computers are often much more vulnerable than a console and, moreover, are often used to store all kinds of personal information about us, which makes players potential victims of computer attacks.

A good configuration of Windows security is essential to protect us when playing online

One of the configurations that we usually carry out when we are going to play online is to open the ports of our router (and even put the computer in a DMZ) so that the connection with the server is as direct as possible and avoid problems, especially with NAT. This is one of the most serious security problems since, without a firewall (as the DMZ does), our Windows is exposed to a wide variety of computer attacks.

Another practice that is usually done before playing online is to disable security software, such as antivirus and firewall. To do this, in addition to not improve the performance of the games too much, we will also be exposed to a great variety of computer attacks, before which our security software will not be able to do anything.

Security problem

The best thing when we go to play online from Windows is to open exclusively the ports that each game needs to play, but keeping our PC out of the DMZ and, in addition, with antivirus and a firewall (even Windows Defender) to protect us during the items of computer attacks.

In addition, we must also have some common sense and avoid sharing personal data with other players (for example, through the chat), since we cannot really know who they are or the intentions they have.

If our router is compatible with the UPnP protocol, we will not even have to worry about the ports since the protocol itself is responsible for opening and closing them as necessary automatically.

Online games from the browser also require several security measures that we should not overlook

Just as we can play great online video games, there are also many online platforms that allow us to play from our browser, such as, for example, online casinos. These types of games also require that we have basic security measures that prevent us from falling victim to hackers. One of the most basic is that we have installed on our computer an antivirus that ensures that we do not have any malware (such as Trojans or keloggers) that could endanger our personal and/or banking data. We must also have our browser updated to the latest version, as well as the latest security patches installed on our Windows, preventing any vulnerability from endangering us.

If, for example, we are going to play in an online casino, like the ones we can find in , in addition to the security measures that we have mentioned previously to avoid falling victims of scams by hackers, we must make sure that the casino is registered in the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling, a body belonging to the Treasury that assures us that the game is safe and legal.

Safe game

It is also essential that the website uses secure connections through the HTTPS protocol, especially during payments, to prevent our personal data from traveling unencrypted over the network. Another security measure that we must take into account is that the casino has several ways to enter the money, a 24-hour contact form that helps us solve any problem and, also, that when withdrawing money we can do it quickly in about 3 days.

We can also find a variety of online casinos to play from our mobile on this page.

So, with all these tips, we can play, both video games and online gaming platforms, safely without exposing our security.

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