How to Restore Whatsapp Messages from Google Drive

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Whether you are using WhatsApp to stay connected with your friends or for work purpose, it doesn’t matter as all you want is to protect your important data on WhatsApp. Hence, it is always a good practice to backup your videos, photos, files and messages on WhatsApp to Google drive so that you don’t lose them even when you switch to a new phone or lose our phone.

There are some methods allow you to perform WhatsApp backup and restore for the data you have backed up on Google drive.

Backup WhatsApp Messages to Google Drive

Step 1: Open – WhatsApp on your smartphone. Tap the 3 vertical dots to expand the Menu Icon and then click on – Settings.

Step 2: Now, click on Google Drive Settings and choose the backup frequency you prefer to back up the media and chats.

Step 3: Now, select – Account and from the list, select an Account you want to have the backup with. In case you do not have an account you can click on Add Account to create one. Next, you need to click on – Allow

Step 4: Now click on- Back up over. You can select if you want to perform a backup using Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi or cellular and then hit – Next.

Step 5: Select the box beside – “Include videos” to back up your video messages. Lastly, click- Back UP to backup WhatsApp data to Google Drive manually.

Now that you have backed up all your WhatsApp data, you can restore WhatsApp data anytime when you install WhatsApp again on any device.

Restore WhatsApp messages from Google Drive Backup

Step 1: Open – WhatsApp on the smartphone. Verify the phone number you are using. (This should be the same phone number you were using when you created the backup to Google Drive) Click on – Restore

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Step 2: After the restoration process finishes, you need to Setup your profile and click- Next and then click- Continue

Step 3: Now you will get all the WhatsApp messages restored.

The encryption protocols used by iPhone and Google Drive are different. The encryption protocols that Google Drive uses do not support iOS system, so it becomes impossible to restore your WhatsApp from Google Drive to your iOS devices. So, the entire process comes with challenges and if you want to opt for a solution that is not restricted to compatibility aspects

If you think the above method is little time consuming and you need a much faster and simpler solution then you can switch to iSkysoft Toolbox. It is perfect software that takes care of all backup and restores needs. Also, if you want to go with a simple process to transfer WhatsApp from android to iPhone, iSkysoft does help you with that too.

iSkysoft Toolbox- Restore Social App feature simplifies the tedious process of transfer and ensures that you get all files irrespective of the file format to get transferred in just a few clicks.

Secure transfer

iSkysoft provides secure transfer of your WhatsApp messages without any data loss during the transfer. It has a clean and simple interface with step by step guide to carry out the transfer. It becomes easy to follow the screen instructions to complete the transfer without any hassles. There is no data loss and your data privacy is taken care of by iSkysoft. You don’t need to get into the depth of how the transfer process would be initiated as the software does most of the things for you.

Preview and transfer

Not all data is important to you. If you have to filter out the data after the transfer, certainly it will be a time consuming task. iSkysoft understands your transfer needs better and helps save time by allowing you to preview your WhatsApp data and selectively transfer from Android to iPhone before the transfer itself.

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Compatibility will never be the concern

With iSkysoft compatibility will never be a concern for you as it supports the newest of iOS and Android systems. You can install iSkysoft Toolbox on different versions of Windows and MAC operating systems too.

Backups are not overwritten

iSKysoft helps you backup your WhatsApp data anywhere and everywhere. The best part is that older backups will not be overwritten by new ones.

Convenient transfer

iSkysoft does most of the things automatically so you don’t have to be conscious while using the software. You don’t need to go through multiple and tedious steps to carry out the transfer. The entire process is uninterrupted and you get your WhatsApp data moved from iPhone to Android or across iOS devices efficiently.


You may select transfer solutions that suit your needs, but if you want something that is not limited to any technical aspects then iSkysoft Toolbox would be an ideal choice to carry out a secure transfer from Android to iPhone and other iOS devices. iSkysoft is a time saving and easy to operate solution that does most of the things automatically making the entire process simple and effective.

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