Why Are So Many Developers Launching Their Apps First On iOS, Then On Android?

Developers Launching Their Apps

It is commonly observed that cross-platform apps are first launched on iOS and then on Android. Even though both Google Play Store and the Apple App Store have similar functionalities, one is often preferred over the other. While, there are plenty of reasons that illustrate the superiority of Apple over Android, from a developer’s position, the platform selected to display and launch the app needs to be a practical, secure, and open space.

Although Android does lead the mobile app market with the maximum number of downloads in a day, it is iOS that’s a clear winner on the international front, especially when it comes to generating optimal revenue on a larger scale. Whether you enjoy creating app prototypes as a hobby or have a small app business of your own, cultivating decent revenue is the key. Read on to find out what makes the two platforms stand out from each other.

Why the iOS Platform Would Be the Best Choice for Your Mobile App?

Listed below are some reasons why so many developers are so keen to launch their mobile app first on iOS and then on Android.

The High-Quality of the Mobile App

Although the number of Android-based devices and gadgets is huge, in comparison to Apple devices running on the iOS, this is quite limited. For instance, the amount of Android-based phones is massive in comparison to the number of iPhones launched so far. There are only sixteen versions of the iPhones in the world today. The reason is quite simple; Android being open-sourced has many admissions whereas when an app is developed for iOS, it needs to be properly optimized for the end-user. As a result, there is a vast difference in the quality of mobile apps produced for Android and iOS respectively.

Although Android apps are compliant and adjust with any system, iOS apps are known for their extremely sharp and highly intuitive base, which allows users of every level to be able to use these without any difficulty.

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iOS Possesses Better Potential for Generating Revenue and Better Audience

If the main aim behind an app is to generate revenue, then it’s best to release it on the iOS platform. The total number of paid apps on iOS so far exceeds 310,247 in recent years and is expected to exceed even more. Another reason why this is often advised to new app developers is that the average annual income of iOS users is considerably on the higher end in comparison to their Android counterparts.

On the other hand, Android users are said to rely upon an in-app advertising revenue system instead of following iOS’s direct-app purchase approach. Users may have noticed some internet providers also advertising specific apps as they are considered compatible with certain service types. Similarly, consumers are meant to use a product, which they have purchased instead of a free one. While this is completely subjective and liable to change but this aspect has been noticed by the industry so far.

iOS Apps are Easy to Develop and Easy to Check for Bugs

Although apps released on iOS may seem like the more complex ones they are not as their interface is quite user-friendly and easy to handle. HTML 5 is commonly used for both iOS and cross-platform app development. There are plenty of reasons for this. One, it’s among the popular web scripting languages. Two, it helps developers cater to various media needs of their respective user base. However, when it comes to bugs, iOS apps stand stronger as the chance of getting caught up with a bug in the mobile app is almost none to zero as all apps take about an average of 11 days or more to be approved by iTunes Connect.

Wrapping up

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Although apps launched on iOS can easily be categorized on the App Store in Apple, a strong reason why most developers still prefer to release their app on iOS first is that iPhone continues to remain a strong symbol of status for users all over the world. This results in positive sales and even sustains these positive results as the target market are expected to pay more if it is related to iOS, just to enhance and sustain their social status. That’s why iOS apps have better reception and far more acceptance than Android apps.

Besides this, most apps are first launched on iOS, is because the earning potential is a lot better than Android counterparts are. Even though the app monetization aspect can be improved on Android, iOS is still a strong player. On the development end, developing iPhone apps are far easier as developers only have to optimize these for the latest version of iPhones, iPads, or iPod. Unlike Android, they don’t have to optimize the app for both cross-platforms, but just for one. Hence, easing the tasks for many coders along with UI/UX developers.

So if a developer plans on building an app, it’s best to launch it first on iOS rather than Android as the former is a better choice, especially if the objective behind the app is revenue generation.

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