Your Smartphone Is Nothing Without These Essentials: The Best 8 Apps

Your Smartphone Is Nothing Without These Essentials: The Best 8 Apps For 2019

Nowadays, smartphones are more like a necessity to everyone. Apart from texting, clicking pictures, calling, etc. smartphone becomes an efficient device when adequately combined with some useful apps.

Here is the list of all the Android apps that top the necessity list. These apps are now pervasive with Android and if you are wondering about stable apps, make sure you already have these apps in your inventory. Using smartphone apps is like a habit; the usefulness remains confined by the type of apps you use on your phone. The apps which are listed below will not leave an addiction on you but will shower their useful nature on you. The listed apps are all familiar to everyone.

  1. Weather

This is by far the best weather forecasting app that you can get in your device. It has simple features, simple design and is very easy to use. It is a necessity in your life because the app provides a weather detail for the coming 12 weeks on your calendar. This app will also offer you customizable widgets and keep you notified about the upcoming storms or disasters.

This app is entirely free, and the free version has all the features. The paid version is available on your playstore which only removes the advertisements from the app.

  1. Google Drive Suite

The Google Drive Suite is a cloud storage app on the Android where every user gets a total 15GB storage permanently free after you have signed up. To get more storage space, you need to buy them.

The Suite of android apps attached to it makes Google Drive a remarkable app in every device. These apps include Google keep, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Photos, Google Sheets, Google Calendar and Google Gmail. Among all these office apps, the photos app is different. It helps to keep a secure backup of every video and photo that your device once possessed.

Some of the unique features of the Google Drive Suite is its sharing features, live collaboration, and its very high compatibility with Microsoft Office Documents. All Google’s solutions are straightforward to handle with this app.

  1. Google Maps

This app owns the Navigations app network, virtually, and is by far the best-known apps in giving directions to people. A ubiquitous app and it gets almost weekly up gradation. The Google Maps gives fair access to traffic data, places of interests like your favorite restaurants. Besides these, the app provides correct guidelines to railway stations, gas stations. The developers have designed it in a way so that you can use it without internet too. It is one of the apps that most of the users have kept fixed in their devices and never switched into any other one.

  1. Google Go!

This is undoubtedly one of the powerful apps for every smartphone. It works on most of the Android device. It is a search engine. But unlike the other search engines, it reduces the data usage while you are browsing. The pages that Google Go suggests after we input our search are lite versions. No! The web pages do not carry half information because they are the lite versions; instead, they support full web pages but with minimum data usage. The app is free.

  1. Google Play!

If you are a Music Freak, this app is for you. What makes the app an exception is that it can read both about your local files and music that you prefer online and suggests you similar choices. What makes Google Play an under-rated app is its competition with Youtube. Since youtube much more filled with channels of opportunities, people, education, career, and other varieties, Play somehow lacks here. But never the less, the developers of the company have tried hard and linked both the app functions together. Watching music and movies is now entirely possible on mobile with Google Play as long as both the apps are tied together!

  1. Nova launcher

Yes, there is also a Launcher in the list!  Nova Launcher is till now an exception to other launchers. It has been a hit in the market for years now. With constant upgrades, and regular new features, Nova Launcher kept on providing facilities to the users, and they never thought of replacing the app.

Some of the notable features of the app are that it keeps safe backup and restores the home screen setups, theme icons for the Android apps. It also adds tons of customization elements in your home screen and the app drawer.

The app is generally free, but if you go to the paid version, you can make it look like the Pixel Launcher.

  1. Pulse SMS or Messages for Android.

Among the other SMS apps for Android, Pulse stands exception among the others. The app has its unique feature of SMS with GIF support, themes, password protection, blacklist for the spammers, dual-SIM support and more versions. Pulse is different because it is simple to use and not so essential like standard Android messaging. It gets the job done very decently. You can use this app from your computer too. In that case, it charges a monthly subscription of the minimum amount while it is free for Android users.

  1. Swiftkey!

The Swiftkey Keyboard is one of the most powerful, user-friendly, customizable keyboards available in the playstore. It made its appearance year ago with other apps. While the others have failed to maintain their stand, it is still running smoothly in the industry. This keyboard app has its gesture of typing and maintains a unique flow. You can customize the settings according to your need and use it comfortably.

It is a free app.

Apart from these apps, there are many others like Zedge, Walli, tick tock and Tasker which shows immense importance to the user and the device. This app list might do not suggest the best apps for your Android, but it suggests the essential items that every mobile phone should own.

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