Content Marketing- Are you doing it wrong?

Content Marketing

I’ve been doing Content Marketing for many years now and it seems like all of the information you read or hear about is all about getting links. This is not right, and if this is what you’re focusing on, you’re going to be poor.

Content Marketing is a great tool, but like with any tool you have to use it correctly or you’re simply wasting your time. Writing Contents isn’t for a link on the site you’re submitting it to, and if you’re spinning that Content and submitting it to a bunch of crappy sites, you’re wasting too much time on nothing.

I don’t care how high your site ranks today or tomorrow. If you’re doing things correctly you should be building a site with authority. A site that will exist years down the road and still be making money. You may get lucky and find a site that makes you some money years down the road after a lot of adverting.

Building an Authoritative site consists of time and patience. You need to build lots of high quality backlinks using link building techniques such as blogger outreach. Who love the fresh and new content that you are going to write for your website. Or if you can’t do it yourself you can take help of guest posting services help. You need to be persistent and you need to build a ton of content. For most sites, this content is Contents. When writing Contents for marketing on other sites you need to focus on VALUE.

Contents that provide no value are deemed useless. Google has been saying this for years, yet we’re still trying to trick them for quick and easy links.

When you provide value you will be providing your users with answers. When you provide answers you give them what they wanted. You have no earned their trust.

Oh, cool, you’ve ranked #1 for Make Money Online and it was because you built 45,584 links this week? Sweet, I’m guessing that site of yours will be there for a while and I’m guessing it provides users with great content, spun like crazy. Spinned like insane. Turn like bonkers. Around similar to deranged.

You get the point.
Those who want overnight results will find little use in providing their users with great content and that’s good news for the rest of us. It allows us to build something that people will trust and continue to visit (and subscribe to your list, hopefully).

When writing Contents you want to do more than build it around a keyword or a title. You want to provide answers to questions. Everyone has problems and everyone is trying to find a solution to those problems. This is why you need to build off-site content on other properties that allow you to become an Authority. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, as long as you’re staying relevant to your niche.

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Sure, the Content will give you a chance to throw in some keywords, but this is where you want to do more than throw in a keyword in the anchor text. Add your URL. Trust me, post your URL/domain instead of a keyword and it will be just as good as sneaking a keyword in there. You can usually add 2 links per Content (sometimes more, read guidelines), so use the other for a keyword, use one for your URL.

The point is that you want the reader to see the Domain, too. This is what I believe is the starting point to building a true Authority site vs. building a quick buck site. You’re getting the domain out there and that will hopefully (keeping in mind that Authority site domains do not look like, etc) help the reader to remember your site, especially if/when they click it and arrive at the domain to read the (hopefully) QUALITY content of your site.

I’m trying to make these points:

1. Contents should be meant for MARKETING, not link building alone. Those are cool, but the Contents should be marketing you, as an authoritative figure in your niche, to help build long-term traffic. It sets you up to get more subscribers, more readers, more conversions over a longer period of time.

2. Content Marketing isn’t a one-time thing. Building 2-3 Contents isn’t enough if you really want to build your Business. You need to constantly be adding content to your off-site accounts, whether it’s via an Content Directory or Social Profiles (think Blogs, updates, etc). You should be spreading the content around, but adding content will get more traffic and builds more trust.

Again, if you’re writing Contents for links, you’re doing it wrong. That’s not what Content Marketing is about you’re a writer at that point (even if you’re outsourcing it), so the entire reason you’re writing these Contents is to get people to read what you write and do what you want them to do (follow your link and get more quality content).

Also, if you’re outsourcing your Contents, make sure that you’re paying for quality, not quantity. It’s great to have both, but quality is always better than quantity.

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