Upheaval In Gaming Industry Will Generate A Dramatic Amount Of Revenue

Upheaval In Gaming Industry Will Generate A Dramatic Amount Of Revenue

Upheaval in the video game industry according to a recent study, mobile games sales are expected to reach $ 36.9 billion in 2016, an amount greater than that generated by historical media consoles and PCs.

While the average price of a game on console or PC approaching fifty at its release, difficult to imagine that in 2016 the number of sales of mobile games will exceed that of traditional media. Yet according to Newzoo.com, this is the scenario that the video game industry must prepare.

More surprisingly, the games on the phone or tablet that generate the most turnover are free when downloading. Based on the model “Freemium”, it is possible to play without paying a euro. But micropayments of a few cents help the user to finish his game faster, play more or have interesting bonuses for his game.

Clash of Clans / Supercell

Supercell, a Finnish video game development studio for mobile platforms, was founded in 2010. Originally the “Clash of Clans” and “Boom Beach” real-time strategy games, the Helsinki based company is also located in San Francisco, Seoul, and Tokyo.

Yet with only four games in its catalog, the company’s turnover continues to grow dramatically and makes the studio, the number 1 video game for mobile support. In 2014, it increased by 130% compared to the previous year. In 2015, it even reached 2.1 billion.

Supercell sold on October 15, 2013, 51% of its capital to the Japanese group Softbank, for 1.5 billion dollars (1.1 billion). And in June 2015, SoftBank even bought an additional 22.7%.

Monster Strike / Mixi

Originally, Mixi was one of the flagship social networks in Japan. Created in 2004, it brought together no less than 27 million members at its peak and was valued up to 2.5 billion on the stock market.

In 2010, faced with increasing competition, the site lost popularity and then tried to diversify. The company is approaching Yoshiki Okamoto in 2013. If this name does not tell you anything, it is a legend of video games. He is indeed the creator of the mythical fighting game Street Fighter II. Yoshiki Okamoto then designs Monster Strike, a collaborative multiplayer strategy game. Available on iOS and Android, the game will be released in September 2013.

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In July 2014, “Monster Strike” exceeds the bar of ten million downloads. According to Le Figaro, the Monster Strike players spent 50 million during the famous month of July or 1.7 million per day! And the success continues since, in June 2015, the game has daily revenues of 3.7 million. The same year, the game is even suitable for the Nintendo 3DS.

Game of War Fire Age / Machine Zone

Founded in 2008 in Palo Alto, California, Machine Zone launched Game of War Fire Age in 2013. In 2014, this multiplayer strategy game generates $ 600 million in revenue and 29,430 new users. In March of the following year, it is in the top 10 most downloaded free apps on iOS and Google Play.

This online strategy game whose goal is to win wars to expand its empire is facilitated by the purchase of virtual gold coins that can get your hands on bonuses. The 660 gold coins are worth 4.49 and players can even get a pack of 28,000 pieces for 89.99.

The success of the game is undeniably linked to the massive communication campaign that accompanied its release. No less than $ 40 million has been spent on marketing. TV commercials during prime time (Superbowl or NFL game in the US), social media video … The singer Mariah Carey even became the muse of the game in 2015.

Fantasy Westward Journey / NetEase Garena Online

Founded in 1997, NetEase is a leader in the Chinese digital industry. Specialist MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game), he is the creator of “Fantasy Westward Journey”.

Since its launch in 2001 on PC, the game shows peaks of more than 570,000 players connected simultaneously. The mobile version of the game launched in 2015 is quickly experiencing the same fate. According to the US channel CNBC, the number of sales of “Fantasy Westward Journey” was $ 451 million in 2015.

According to NetEase, 230 million accounts have been created on the platform and 500,000 players are connected to the game permanently.

Puzzles & Dragons / GungHo Online Entertainment

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In 2013, the Japanese company GungHo Online Entertainment generated as much as $ 5 million in revenue per day with a single game “Puzzle & Dragon”.

Valued at 1.540 billion yen (11.6 billion) the same year, it already exceeded Nintendo then estimated at 1.500 billion (11.3 billion), or Sony 1.9 billion (14.386 billion). Founded in 1998, the Japanese company originally targeted the Internet auction sector before repositioning itself by becoming a game publisher in 2004.

In February 2016, GungHo Online Entertainment approached the French Gameloft. The two mobile game companies announced that they have signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate in game publishing and collaborate in other areas of the digital entertainment industry.

Candy Crush Saga / King Digital Entertainment

First launched on Facebook, “Candy Crush Saga” is a video game developed by the company King. In 2014, almost 100 million users played this game every day and nearly 320 million different people a month. Even if less than 5% of players pay a few cents to advance further in the game (with extra lives or bonuses), Candy Crush still accounts for 78% of the $ 2 billion turnovers of King Digital in 2014.

A phenomenal success, however, which tends to decrease. In 2015, the annual profit of King Amounts to 516 million dollars, against 574 million in 2014. In November 2015, Activision Blizzard, developer, and publisher of American video games

Video Games Activision Acquires Candy Crush

Notably known for Call of Duty or Warcraft, announced the acquisition of King after the latter was introduced on the stock market in March 2014, an acquisition that was finalized last February for six billion dollars. Activision Blizzard / King thus secure an undisputed leadership position in the video game industry in the West.

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