Oral cancer and its symptoms

Oral cancer is also referred to as mouth cancer, is considered to be cancer occurring in the mouth, upper throat within the mouth or within the lip lining. This ailment is known to begin as some painless white patch, which goes onto thicken and then develop into persistent crusting ulcer. The problem is that it does not heal easily and grows slowly to take a dangerous shape. With affordable oral cancer surgery cost in India, patients not only from within the country but also from foreign countries can visit the top hospitals here to avail primary and advanced treatment.

Risk factors

Alcohol and tobacco consumption are considered to be the major risk factors for the development of oral cancer. Some other risk factors tend to include chewing betel leaves (paan), HPV infection and overexposure to harsh sun rays on the lower lip. But alcohol and tobacco are said to cause 15 times more risk than the other factors.


Oral cancer is classified as a subgroup of neck and head cancers. A biopsy is done on the affected region to diagnose the issue and followed by PET, MRI, CT Scan and other examination for determining its extent and if the ailment has spread to the other body parts or not.


Limiting alcohol, avoiding tobacco products and betel leaves (paan), taking adequate sun protection on the lower lip, HPV vaccination can help prevent this ailment from taking place or developing further. Few treatments used to cure oral cancer include a variety of surgical remedy to eliminate regional lymph nodes and tumor, targeted therapy or chemotherapy and radiation therapy. They are either prescribed individually or in combination as deemed necessary, keeping in mind the patient’s health condition and medical requirements. The treatment types also depend upon the location, spread and size of cancer along with the person’s general health.

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Symptoms associated with oral cancer

Unfortunately, the number of people being affected by cancer is only found to be increasing at an alarming rate. Thousands of people are diagnosed with cancer, including oral cancer, every year. Historically, this cancer type has been causing a higher number of data rates, as it is discovered very late during its different development stage. However, with early detection, it is possible to avail successful treatment. Several well-known dentists are known to have converted oral cancer screenings to that of the routine 6-month visit.

This type of cancer tends to include cancer occurring in the pharynx and mouth. The hygienist or dentist, when visited for a routine dental check-up, is likely to conduct a painless evaluation to diagnose the issue and its extent of spread. During the exam, he/she will check the patients’ lips, neck, face and the whole mouth to find out possible cancer signs. Dental visits are generally recommended twice in a year to undergo the routine exam. Such visits also help the patients and their family members to clear all the doubts related to the disease, the type of treatment that is possible and the cost involved, etc.

There are a few symptoms that every patient needs to know that is associated with oral cancer. In case a problem is suspected, it will be wise to schedule immediately an appointment with the doctor or dentist without any further delay. The symptoms include the following:

  • Red or white patch developing in the mouth
  • Sore, lump, irritation or thick patch developing in the throat, lip or mouth
  • Difficulty in swallowing or chewing anything
  • A feeling of something getting caught in the throat
  • Intense pain experienced in one ear, but without losing hearing ability
  • Swelling in the jaw causing dentures to become uncontrollable or poorly fit
  • Numbness in various parts of the mouth or on the tongue
  • The difficulty faced moving the tongue or the jaw
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One danger faced from oral cancer is during the early stages, it is likely to go unnoticed or understood. Even with the cells growing and multiplying at a fast rate, the person might not experience any symptom or pain. Hence, undergoing routine check-up with a qualified dentist is crucial to identify such ailments and to get immediate treatment. The truth is that oral cancer if diagnosed early can be treated and the person can get back to normal life. Oral cancer surgery cost in India is quite affordable making it possible for every person to be cancer-free.

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