How to attract maximum traffic and convert leads with website design services?

maximum traffic

Every company or business uses its websites differently. Some people use it in generating instant revenue by making sales through e-commerce while some use it in generating phone calls, leads or locations visiting physically. The main purpose of any business is to accomplish more growth by maximum traffic and creating enough support through its websites. There are numerous methods you can implement to increase revenue, leads, and the sales of your company by investing in remodeling, rebuilding and redesigning. The following simple ways can help your business grow potentially in a significant manner: –

  1. Performing a conversion audit: A lot of website designing companies are good at their jobs of creating websites that are appealing to the users and gain maximum traffic but they are not experts in the conversion. So, make sure your website is designed in a way that is not only appealing but also converts well. A profound conversion audit must be conducted which might be a little expensive but totally worthy. If the problems are identified and changes are made before the launch of marketing campaigns, it will make your base stronger at the very beginning and reduce the advertisement costs. This will help you to reach the desired conversion number much faster.

2. Using call trackers: In case you are generating phone calls by using multiple traffic sources, sending each source to a landing page which is dedicated to featuring unique phone numbers would be a great idea. By utilizing the trackers, it would be easier for you to identify the right sources to trace the calls. There would be no disturbance in handling your phone leads as your primary phone number is directly routed to your call tracking numbers. As most of the call tracking service providers tend to record the calls that are made, it is an excellent way to determine whether the quality of generated and qualified leads requires any attention.

3. Identifying where visitors are scrolling and clicking: Repositioning your offers to areas that attract clicks from the dead zones is very necessary and when you know exactly where your visitors of a website are clicking it could be quite helpful for you. To know where the visitors click the most, a heat map tool could be helpful as it also shows which source is producing them and how far the visitors of your websites are scrolling down. Knowing where the visitors are clicking and scrolling through, gives you enough data to strengthen the conversion of more traffic.

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4. Analyzing the analytics data of Google: When you are identifying the traffic resources that are not creating good conversion rates, it assists you in coming with some unique changes for your website. Analyzing your Google analytics data helps to abolish the traffic sources that are performing poorly and expands the marketing efforts.

5. Coming up with live chat: Business persons have stated that chatbots or live chat is an excellent way to make your e-commerce sales grow by maximum traffic. We know answering a few questions before making any purchase can help in saving the sales and also the chat operators can help in pushing the customers towards it. But this simple tool can be helpful for every other website.

6. Switch general flat fonts: A few landing pages that create hundreds of leads daily are quite simple when fonts are taken into consideration. Every company should try to use simple fonts as far as possible because it creates a nice display in all kinds of devices such as desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc.

7. Delivering your message with an explainer video: Grabbing your customer’s attention in a different way is necessary sometimes. You need to think of some smart way with which you can capture the attention of those visitors who don’t get easily attracted to some offers. This problem can be solved by using an explainer video on your website in order to explain the product or the service you are providing. This helps in increasing the conversion number. The explainer video needs to be produced in good quality as it directly reflects your brand otherwise it might push away the probable customers and smb version.

. These videos need to be attractive, entertaining as well as educate the visitor. You need to make sure that the video quality is not poor as it can easily disappoint the visitors.

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8. Split test landing page changes: Sometimes large conversion gains could be achieved by just making small changes. There are many tools that help to determine the better options of conversions by creating different landing pages with slight differences. This could be done easily if you have even a little bit of development knowledge or experience about coding. You can simply just change the color of the action button or texts and will make a huge difference in the appearance of your website.

9. Using an exit pop-up: Attracting maximum traffic towards your website is not a cheap process. It is expensive even if you are paying for every individual visitor instead of paying for every click. Your website requires a lot of time and effort and not only monetary values. It is not necessary that every individual who visits your website will return to it so you need to put enough effort to make it worth their while and increase the conversion rates. Pop-up exit offers help in doing so as it increases the overall return on investment.

10.Including testimonials and trust signals: When you have a strong base, and your visitors have enough trust on your websites, they are more likely to make purchases and might even submit their personal information. A great way to build trust includes testimonials from customers. Showcasing your achievements like accreditations, awards, recognitions, etc. builds the visitor’s trust and makes them comfortable enough to do business with you. Try not to include fake testimonials as it might lead to losing potential customers if they start distrusting your brand.

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