9 Effective Ways You Can Do To Increase Customer Acquisition On Your WordPress Site

9 Effective Ways You Can Do To Increase Customer Acquisition On Your WordPress Site

Now that you have your site in WordPress and you see that you have a little bit of a problem, a few people are going into your site and buy products or avail your services. A lot of website designs in the Philippines can do the work for you. However, it is better to amp up your customer acquisition. Customer acquisition is getting more people to buy and avail products and services from your website. In this technique, you need to know more about your customers and all of their purchasing behaviors. Along with that, you should be sure that your audience knows about your product, or else, you need to generate leads.

You can go for different techniques in customer acquisition. You can start different inbound strategies such as social media and content marketing. You can also do outbound strategies such as email or LinkedIn outreach. To top it all off, every plan needs to go for consumer behavior and help you know more about it because it is the main aim why we are making customer acquisition.

In this article, we will show you nine of the best customer acquisition techniques to produce more sales and revenue for your business.

1. Organic Search

Just like SEO, organic search can get you many benefits for customer acquisition. Organic search marketing is one of the cheapest ways to market your products because it is just like ranking for a higher place in the search engine results page. One strategy is to improve your website’s overall user experience. You need to make it more attractive and start getting the attention of different people online. It can give you higher traffic and lower bounce rate. Another way is to rank for paid keywords. You can reduce your expenditure here and get more conversions.

2. Understand short-term hacks vs. long-term acquisition strategy

You must know what the difference between tactics and strategy is. Tactics will mostly not give you a long-run benefit in getting more people to visit your site and make a purchase. You need to transition in creating long-term plans on how to make your site sustainable. Tactics are for short-terms. It is also the things that you will do that you think you will not perform if you are a big business by then, such as personally following up customers and visiting every new customer. Long-term plans should include search engine optimization and creating a scalable lead generation. In simpler words, long term strategies are the ones that will help your business grow on a larger scale. However, short-term tactics are good for getting your first customers, but as the number of your customers grow, you need to transition to creating a long-term strategy slowly.

3. Give away free content

Everything that is free will undoubtedly get the attention of many. Giving out gifts and free content to different people will definitely get you more people to visit your site. However, it should go in the form of other kinds of gifts instead of physical stuff because it can be inconvenient for you. You can give out e-books, exclusive video classes, podcasts, and more. You can start by getting their email addresses and send the content there. You will have direct contact with your customers and start marketing your brand from there.

4. Authority Sculpting

Authority sculpting is another effective way to invite more people to purchase on your site. It is the use of backlinks from high-quality websites or websites that have authority in your industry to link back to you. For one, it can increase your overall website traffic and help you to rank higher in the search engine results pages. It is deemed as one of the most effective ways to get more people since you are getting backlinks from sites that are more credible than you, linking your site in theirs will help you get more people to look at your site because of the credibility you have right now.

5.  Value of the customer must exceed the cost of customer acquisition

Your customer’s value and worth to your business should exceed compared to the complete cost of customer acquisition. You should always look at the monetization first and check if your customer’s value exceed. You still need to create profit from it, which shows that building a complete business plan and profitability strategy will help you a lot, no matter the volume of your business. You need to give what your customers deserve to get more people purchasing in your site.

6. Ask current customers for referrals

Never forget that word-of-mouth advertising and referrals are still a thing today. Almost all people, when referred to a particular business, will try and look at that business for a while. If it works for them and they liked the site, it will be because of a simple referral from an existing customer. You can try giving out incentives for your current customers doing the referrals and to their referring customer. This is called a two-sided referral. It just shows that the referral process will become better and give more drive to people whenever there is a reward for it.

7. Sales-Focused Content

If you want to get more people to purchase on your site, you would want to try producing content that is sales-focused. These kinds of content are the ones with call-to-actions at the end of the material. Those CTAs are mostly about purchasing a product or service or trying a deal from you. Focusing on creating content that builds upon the product is your primary goal here. If your content entices a lot of people, chances are higher to get more people to buy from your site. This means that all infographics, videos, and other advertisements should be made to draw the attention of people and invite them to click your call-to-action.

8. Social Media Marketing

Social media is one way to increase customer acquisition. We are giving you three strategies on how to use social media.

First is a collaboration with an influencer. We all know that in this generation, it is better to connect with influencers when marketing a product. It is because they have a set of people who are following them and it will be easier for you to generate leads on your product. Also, it is better if the influencer has the same audience as yours. Influencers are charging fees for promoting your product or service, but it will be worth the payment since it can increase your brand’s credibility and get more visitors to your site.

Second is using User-generated Content. There are a lot of intelligent and witty people using your brand in their social media accounts. For example, someone made a statement about how your product is useful in a funny way, your social media account can retweet or repost it, and you can quickly market your brand from there. It can also increase brand trust from your audience which is good for building credibility.

Last is Q&A websites such as Yahoo Answers and Quora. You should start creating an account on that site and start answering questions that are related to your industry. You can insert links to your brand when responding to it, making your answer helpful to the person asking and to your brand as you are advertising it.

9. Affiliate Marketing

Finally, Affiliate Marketing is another way you can try to get more customers to your site. A good company example that does this is Amazon where it basically grew into one of the most known online shops around the world. Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing where the business has a lot of affiliates to help them get more customers through the affiliate’s own advertisings. If they successfully get a lot of customers, they will be rewarded by the business. You can be creative with this, like having an incentive-based slab or give an incentive or higher pays to affiliates with more customers brought to your site.

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